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Ch 3: Intermission: Durga Pujas

By Rahul Jha
Good evening readers, another Durga Puja just faded away tonight, and I'm in the comfort of my living room, in retrospection. Yes, it was the Puja back in 2005...
Our mid-semester exams were coming to an end, and I was just getting used to the college life. It was the night before the last exam, maths, and I heard some noises upstairs. I came out of my room, so did a few others, and as we looked up, we saw people upstairs having a 'splash'. Holy lord, it was the good 'ol water-fight.
Back in hall 9, everyone had a territory, and had friends within that group. However, the water-gates were opened, it knew no boundaries. With only one more exam between us and Durga Pujas, almost everyone joined in. Only a few chose to hide. I was just looking around, and suddenly, I was ambushed from behind. It was the boy well-known as "Chimpu". And, you'll get to read a lot about him later. But there he was, drenching me, and my old Reliance phone. I joined in too, and had a lot of fun. Only next morning I realised I had forgotten about my old Phone, who had breathed its last breath, during mid-night sometime.
The Puja
Guys, I hate cliches, but they are true (is that a cliche too?). With time, I realised, how different points of time and yield such varying results, keeping all the other conditions the same. (Too confusing?) Ok, here's the deal, as I move back and forth from 2005 to 2008, I realise how things have changed.
So, it was 2005, Durga Puja.Well, yes, I got a new phone, with camera and all, and I use it till date. But that's not my topic of discussion. I had so many friends, school friends, locality friends, tution friends. And yeah, almost forgot, college friends. (Notice, they were last in the list). And yes, we had so much fun that year. Maddox square was hustling and bustling. We even met some seniors there, and they were suprisingly different there.
So, zoom, back to 2008. I still have a lot of friends. I mean a lot. There are college friends, and college friends and then there are college friends, and of course my school friends are there, and then there are college friends, but the others have all vanished, to all corners of the World.
But hey, there are still my college friends!
And yes, this year too there was fun, food, drinks (read hard). But somehow, there was emptyness. This was my last Durga Puja with my college friends...

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