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A Night at the 'Purple Peace'

By Rahul Jha

Anil: Look that girl’s got a Punjabi in her eyebrows… (Pointing at the girl with a piercing in her left eyebrow)

Vikram: What the fuck are you talking about?

A: She’s got a ‘Pier Singh’… get it? Pier--- Singh…

V: God, stop it… that was terrible…

A: Get a life man, I was just trying to cheer you up… Did your sense of humour break up with you too?

V: Hey, c’mon, no more ‘break-up’ references…

A: Achha, sorry sorry…

[Anil and Vikram were hanging out on a Friday night at ‘The Purple Peace’, a dingy pub in the heart of the city.]

A: So, all the talk about ‘I have moved on’ was shit. You still love her, don’t you?

V: Of course not. Why should I? She’s the one who left me.

A: Oh, you said you left her. Now that’s some good whiskey. Ek aur lana… (to the bartender)

V: Ya whatever yaar. You are not being much of a help. It was a mistake coming here with you today…

A: Ok I’m sorry yaar, I … (cut-short)

V: You know it’s all my fault. I screwed up. I always do. Chal shots martein hain… Bhai, shots please…

A: Ya, that’s like my boy. For life is too short… let’s have shot after shot…

V: Kya kuch bhi bol raha hai… We used to have shots. Aditi would always throw up after that. Then she would almost fall asleep, and I had to carry her back… She said she’ll never leave me…

[The DJ starts playing “Goodbye to Romance”]

A: Yeah baby… Goodbye to Romance… Yeah… [singing]

V: Goodbye to friends… I tell you [singing]

A: Or Girlfriend, in your case… [chuckles]

V: C’mon man, I really miss her… I realize how I got so used to her… How can I do without her… I’m so hollow now…

A: She was like Nicotine. She part of your metabolism. Leaving her is like quitting smoking, difficult at first, but good in the long run.

V: I donno man… Nicotine? Well, she did leave a burn in my heart …

A: She burnt your heart ‘coz she was hot. Did you smoke her? [chuckles again]

V: I still remember our hearts were pounding so hard… she had that look in her eyes… It’s as if time stopped for a second… And that’s when I took the first puff of my sweet Nicotine…

A: Woohoo… and then… did you do it?

V: Shut up you pervert…

A: I thought the shots were really working. Anyways, it’s the last call… Let’s grab a few beers and sit by the riverside.

V: River, where is a river here?

A: After a few more beers you’ll cry me a river… Cry me a river [singing]

V: Anyways let’s get out of here… I think I’ll call her…

A: Call her? God no…

V: No, I need to do this. [Fumbling with the phone] I realize I still haven’t forgotten her. I need to confront my problems and not hide from them.

A: Yeah baby, but I think that’s the alcohol talking… Not you…

V: You I had proposed her when I was drunk, maybe it will work again…

A: Lightning doesn’t strike twice at the same place… but I think she’s out of town, so you can try once again… Chal mere sher… Let’s do this!!!

[They pay the bill, and get some extra beer cans and start to move out of the pub]

A: Wo dekh teri Nicotine.

V: Arey she’s Pier Singh, not Nicotine…

A: Oh, anyways, I don’t mind taking a puff of her. Bye Pier Singh… Miss you…

[They leave the pub. Come outside, sit in a desolate park. The park is desolate because it’s late into the night. They sit down on a bench]

V: (opening a can of beer) you know, we used to sit on a park bench near pond, talk for hours. Her eyes were so pretty under the moonlight. (sighs…)

A: Did you kiss her? Because smoking is banned in public places… (with his signature smirk)

V: Ya, we used to smoke in so many places. I miss her. I really do… Can’t she comeback?

A: Maybe you can get into her sleep and plant an idea to Love you again. Inception you see…

V: Forget getting into her sleep, her dreams… I’d do anything to even get close to her bed. I’m calling her.

[He picks up the phone. Dials Aditi’s number.]

Phone: The Number you are dialing does not exist anymore.

V: Goddammit she changed her number… She wants me out of her life…

A: Well, you know, I hate to break this to you, but Aditi does not exist. Neither do I. You are suffering from schizophrenia. We are just figments of your imagination.

V: Shut the fuck up. Pehle ‘Inception’, ab ‘Shutter Island’…

A: Main tumhe kaise samjhaon

V: Ok, I’m so pissed, I’ll piss on you. If you don’t freak out, you don’t exist. (Trying to unzip his pants..)

A: Arey arey stop… Ok Ok.. I’m real, She’s real. (getting up in a hurry…)

V: The very thought of my nicotine going up in smoke makes me mad. The joke’s not as funny when the joke’s on you, is it…

A: Arey sorry yaar… Tu bura maan gaya

(Suddenly Vikram’s phone rings. An Unknown number flashes. Vikram answers…)

V: Hello

Phone: Vikram…

V: Aditi…

[To be continued]


Dream Theatre

Hi folks, it’s been ages since I last logged in and blogged out. Well, I haven’t been blogging because I have a serious lack in life, since I passed out from college. I really don’t have any think to look forward to, except… mmm… yeah, except gadgets!!! I figured out a really cool way to spend the money I earn, on gadgets!!! Yup, anything that’s cool, useful, like James Bond, I must have it.

So, I embarked upon this mission of turning my living room to a Home Theatre room. From November, 2009, it began when I bought a Plasma TV that’s 50” in size. Since then, I calculated I went on to spend around 1.4 lakhs on this new obsession of mine. I sit and research the hell out of the internet for any product I would be interested in. I found some great help from And so, here it is…


The 50” Plasma TV is as big as it gets. It’s a real VFM “big” TV, and the picture quality is safely better than any LCD or LED in the market. The energy consumption is also huge, but this big boy really comes into life when High Definition content is played on it. Cost me 57Ks in November, 2009.

Playstation 2 (Modded)

I bought a PS2, instead of a PS3, for 3 reasons:

I’m not a big gamer

The PS3 games are on Blu-Ray, and are very expensive.

The price ofcourse. Cost me 5600 bucks.


I bought this as soon as it was released, just in time for the FIFA WC 2010. The HD channels are totally awesome, namely NAT Geo and Discovery. Also watched the Champions League T20, and the India Australia series. This little box makes my TV come alive. Cost me Rs. 2600.

WD TV Live

I was sick and tired of hooking my laptop and play HD content on the TV. Plus, the playback would be choppy most times. A total bummer. In comes WD TV Live. Now I connect my 1 TB Seagate external Hard Disk, and voila, any Video, Music or Picture file you throw at it, it plays. The quality is amazing, and it even sends a 5.1 sound output to my receiver.

On top of all this, its network ready through LAN, and even plays YouTube and Internet Radio.

This little dynamite kid comes for Rs. 7700.

Onkyo TX-SR508 Audio Video Reciever

This is a brand new AVR from Onkyo that supports 7.1 channels. It decodes all the latest sound formats, and converts sound into Music! This is the heart and soul of my setup, and can be connected to upto 9 speakers and a Sub-woofer. It has Prologic II technology, that converts 2.0 to 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1.

Onkyo SKS-HT728 5.1 Speaker Package

These speakers add all the boost to my setup, when connected to the AVR. Any movie or music comes alive on these babies…

The whole Onkyo Setup cost me Rs. 42,500.


The Rear and the Tower Speakers

The Centre Speaker
Logitech Harmony 525 Universal Remote

With so many gadgets comes so many remotes. Enter Logitech 525, and now there is only one remote to control everything!

And finally, the whole furniture/ setup is custom made, designed initially on Photoshop (surprise surprise!). Hope you like my setup, and do come along and experience it… You are all invited!!!

And the Final Picture!!!