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Proud to be an Indian!

By Rahul Jha
It’s been almost 6 months since I last blogged. I thought I’d start off with my ‘Drinking Incident’, to break the ice. But it’s something about the day today. I heard the National Anthem, the flag hoist on television. And believe me, I don’t know what it is, I still have Goosebumps every time I hear it.
And it’s on days like these, every INDIAN (Most Politicians and members of the Thakrey family are not included in this) is proud of our Country. Amazingly, we are the most unique clan of people. It takes Independence Days and Republic days to remind us how grateful we are to Mother India. But that’s understandable, as on most days we are caught in the maddening race of life.
We are a billion of uniquely designed souls who crib, climb, crawl, cry… (and other similar words which start with ‘C’). Amazingly we hate each other, the other community, the other caste, and anything that is minutely different. Yet we cannot live without the ‘other’. I mean where would all the comedians go, if it weren’t for the Sardarjis? Where would the ‘pan masala’ sellers be if it weren’t for the Marwaris? How would the Marathis travel if it wasn’t for the Bihari Taxi drivers? If it wasn’t for the Gujjus, how would hindi sitcoms be made? And without the South Indians??? Oh no… I can’t imagine a world without Dosas… I mean Dosas are almost as symbolic as Pamela Anderson’s you-know-what. I mean atleast we get to eat the dosas, available at almost every street corner, serving the human race and solving hunger issues for decades, unlike Pamela’s, which are for the pleasures of only a few Rockband drummers… So, Pam’s Silicon Valley is no competition to our ‘Masala’ Dosa!
Oh I forgot, I almost went off topic…
Anyways, the point is, we love making fun of each other. But we can’t live in a World without Indians. That is the reason, most of the NRIs settle down in an Indian community, wherever on Earth they are.
That is the beauty of the concept of what we call INDIA. The good ol’ phrase “Unity in Diversity’ that we all read in school, has more depth to it then what meets the eye. And that is why, we Indians are special.
We all love to complain about the problems here. But just ask yourself, can any Ferrari last like an Ambassador? Can a Ponting hundred bring smiles to a billion people? Can any Burger joint match the Romance of eating golgappa (or pani puri, or fuchka)? Can anywhere else, a Slumdog actually become a Millionaire?
We are not perfect people, no one is. We have to work together and solve the problems, instead of complaining. Remember, no matter where we go, we CANT stop being Indian. So, let’s hope one day, you and I can help build a perfect India, until then let’s enjoy what India already is…
Happy Republic Day!

PS: A special thanks to all the Soldiers who have protected us from infiltrators over the years. Several lives have been lost, but they have all contributed to the concept of India. Thank You!

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