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Where am I heading?

By Rahul Jha
Finally, I'm able to carve thoughts out of my cluttered mind. The chief reason for this change being my 5th semester examinations, they are over.
So, I'm back home and have nothing to do. There are various topics that cross my mind. From the youth of the Nation, to Rock N Roll, to cricket (especially our beloved Dada's exploits)...
But I have always been a bad writer, right from the school days. I wrote bad essays that made teachers mad. Our wavelengths never matched.
Nevertheless, I can write my blog without the fear of any teacher judging my bad writing skills. So, I start off with my blogs first real topic, I don't know what to call, but it's rather philosophical...
Well, yes, philosophical it is. My thoughts wander away most of the times, in search of answers. What is true success? Are success and happiness very good friends? What are we running after? What can I change, and what should I do different?
Believe me, I have got no clear answers yet. I stop thinking so much, but can't help it.
I was watching a sitcom, and one of the characters said, " Life is like a train coming your way. And its going to hit you. Now, its upto you, whether you like to run madly towards it and get runover. Or you can just sit back, crack open a beer, and watch it coming..."

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