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Will never ever forget...The Introduction (Ch 1)

By Rahul Jha
It was the month of August in 2005. This boy, very confident and awesome, joins this Engineering college, about which he has very little idea about. Undeterred by the reputation of the college as being slightly violence-oriented, he steps on the hallowed turf on the 4th of August. Staying away from home for the first, but that doesn't bother him much, as he knows, a new world awaits him. And what a new World it turned out to be.
The often talked about violence was sometimes too much for him to take. He's own persona of himself had taken a battering. Funny how a new environment produces strange and unwanted results. He wished he'd runaway, and never comeback. This place turned out to be a prison, a sanitarium. And he didn't care much about his fellow prison mates either. In times of hardship, he had become self-centered.
But his term in the prison would end one day, and he would become free. The rest, as they say, is history. The boy would later find his ground, humour, recognition, true friends, lessons, love, memories, dreams... and what not.
Later he would go on to post his experience on a blog. As is obvious by now, the boy (though by now he believes he has turned from the boy to 'The Man') is yours truly, and the place, the place he will never forget... NIT Durgapur.
Last few months have been like a dream to me. And so, I've finally figured out the content of my blog. See, I'm a dreamer, I dream all the time, and sometimes everything works out fine. Good things happen, somethings I don't even dream about. So, join me as I share my dreams, my experiences in the dreamland...

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