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Tiny Break: My Secret Diary

By Rahul Jha

OK, here's the deal. I've found out that no one really reads my blog. I spend hours typing away for nothing. So, I guess, I'll use this as a personal diary, since no really reads it. I'll vent out my frustrations, and share moments of joys, with my "Secret Diary". In case you are reading this and wondering about the 100 odd visitors, they are all me, I mean I visit this blog regularly (unlike you or any others). So, taking a breather from the story, I'll write about my experience in the past few days.
Well, the significant event this week was my visit to the dentist. I had thought of naming the title "Dentist the Tormentist", but "Tormentist" is not a word (Tormentor is the correct word, in case you were wondering). Anyways, I was very nervous going to the dentist to get my Root Canal Treatment done. Initially, they were going to use a syringe for the Anesthesia of the gum region. From past experiences of Anesthesia, I had "faint" memories, as it had left me "numb". (Seems the guys from Linkin Park have regular visits to their dentist). Anyways, to my surprise, a beautiful lady came up to me with a syringe, and said, "Don't worry, it won't hurt". She was the doctor! Wow, she was hot, and in her doctor attire, she looked, what was the word, yeah, "kinky". And guess what it, it didn't hurt. I was left mesmerised, and so was my gum and tooth region (due to the injection).
Anyways, luck soon ran out, and so did the electricity in the Doc's chamber. And when it came back, it was her husband's (who is also a dentist) turn to do his "drills". It was a horrifying experience, as he kept "playing on my nerves". Actually, he had a driller and he made a hole and removed the nerves connected to the tooth, thus pacifying my pain. But it didn't hurt, only the thought was disgusting. And a while, he asked me to spit out the blood. As I spat, he took out his spat-tulla and did something with it, I don't remember. After an hour or so, I was done, and I finally came out a relieved man and was very "sa-teeth-fied". So, my Canine is Fine!

So, will end this blog soon (not so fast). Must thank Zaheer Khan for his great performance with bat, ball and microphone. He was really funny at the press conference yesterday. Was very heartening to see the "fab Four" still putting up a fight. Sachin rules, and so does our Dada. Will be heading back to college tomorrow morning. So, untill then, goodbye, and yes, my story will resume.
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  1. stuntman mike October 15, 2008 at 1:01 PM
    are aise koi mai ka laal nahi hai jo tera blog nahi padega ...tu bas likhta jaa .....
  2. Rahul Jha October 15, 2008 at 1:42 PM
    Thanks buddy!!!
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