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God said,"Stones to Milestones"

By Rahul Jha

The best way to start this would be with a flowery piece of poetry. However, I'm very bad at it, and so wouldn't give it a shot. I will talk about poetry though. Poetry in Motion, that is. Yes, I have been following this form of poetry since 1992.
Well, this is my story about a story, which will forever be etched in history. OK, I'm talking about my inspiration, my idol and my GOD, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Yes, nothing new or unusual, he means to me what he might mean to millions of others. That makes this even more so important.
Today, when he has broken all possible batting records, I won't be talking about his achievements. Everyone already knows that. Being the self-centered person that I am, I would talk about how he has effected my life, and 'I' represent millions of people.
I first watched Sachin against zimbabwe, in the 1992 World Cup. He had scored a half century. I obviously had no interest in cricket at the age of 6, but somehow, sachin's batting was a visual treat even then. Obviously, as I got older, I wanted to be a cricketer, like everyone else. And I copied Sachin's style, copying his stance in front of the mirror. And, with time, without my realisation, I became Sachin. Yeah, I was Sachin. Everytime he went out to bat, it was as if it is me out there. His failures were mine, and his success too. Infact, sometimes, scoring a 90% in Science meant the same as Sachin scoring a century. On his off days, it was hard for me to eat, or sleep. Yeah, as if I was Sachin himself. And that part of me still exists, if only to a lesser extent. Infact, there was a time when I wished my parents had named my Sachin, and I even wished I had curly hair. It was amazing, at that time Sachin's record was not extra-ordinary. Yet, I followed him like mad, and so did others. Its like I can relate every incident of my life with a Sachin Moment.
Still remember his 1st ODI century, on a soggy outfield in Colombo, against the Aussies, in the Singer Cup. Obviously, he didn't look back since. I watched that match at my maternal grandparents' home.
So, when I call him God, its not wrong. He has been my inspiration throughout. And for how do you know the clay idols you worship even exist or not... I know for sure that this idol of mine not only exists, but makes his presence felt...

Thank you for the wonderful moments!!!

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  1. Anerudh Balaji October 17, 2008 at 11:58 AM
    Every time he sets foot on that green grass, One Billion pair of eyes are on ONE man...Match after Match,year after year....relentlessly...Inspiring Millions....Proud to be one among the sure ur too!...THANK YOU SACHIN!!!
  2. Anerudh Balaji October 17, 2008 at 12:04 PM
    And yes.....Even i practiced the Stance man!!! That Backlift..How much i struggled to get it similar!!!!

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