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Strange Days

By Rahul Jha
So, finally have time to blog again amidst all the strange things that have been going around for the last few days. Starting from the days leading up to my semester exams, strange experiences have had the better of me, so, I’ll type them down, Shreyank- Style. Here it goes:
1. Just a day before the first exam, acted for a foreign movie. Yes, this time I wasn’t behind the camera. Also got free beer and lunch from the director. (By the way, the movie is going to Sweden).
2. Gasped for every ounce of breath before the Machine Design exam. Prepared for a benign subject, which was supposedly called “Management” or something.
3. After the end of the first 2 exams, we were all in the mood for a celebration. Relieved, we came back to hostel only to find a shocking news, the Mumbai attack. It made everyone sick to our stomachs. I refrained from my daily afternoon activities, and choose to curse the terrorists instead.
4. In the evening, a huge discussion broke out among the “intellects” of our college, over Religion, Love, Terrorism and almost everything under the Sun (actually the moon, since we were all getting drunk at Surabhi, and the alcohol was really taking effect).
5. Ended the night shedding a few tears for the Mumbai victims, and a few for the last days of college (of course, the alcohol was solely responsible for it).
6. The last exams were expected to be run-throughs. However, life at NIT-D is no fairytale. So, as fate would have it, I met with a mutiny. A mutiny that man itself intended to create and it snowballed against man itself. I met with the “ROBOTS”. The last exam was the elective paper, and I had incidentally chosen Robotics. I must say, on hindsight, that Robots are the biggest waste of R&D resources, and are… (I’m lost for words).
Morale of the story: Half my exam was a disaster, and never chooses Robotics again.
7. We celebrated the end of 7th semester as elite people (as only few of us were relieved of our exam burden, most other departments in the college still had another exam left). Then, in the middle of sleep, the thought struck me that I only had another semester left in college. It scared me, so I tried forgetting the thought, and went back to sleep.
8. Celebrated my girlfriend’s birthday on the 5th. Arranged for guitar and friends to sing her “Happy Birthday”. Didn’t go as planned, but it was OK. Has dinner, and it was fun.
9. Then something very shocking happened. (Don’t feel like writing in the blog). It was a great loss to a friend and deeply affected everyone around him, including me. Had to leave college in a manner I had least wanted to. It made me look back at life in a different light. And it left me a heavy heavy heart.
10. Came back at home to find that my phone line was screwed up, so no broadband.

That has been the story in the last few days. Now, I have got a net connection again, so will soon be continuing with my story. Stay tuned in!

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  1. $hRiNk December 12, 2008 at 12:34 PM
    Actually this style is inspired from Debayan, who in turn is inspired from Kushal Das of dg plug! ;)

    And kudo's to you of making comedy out of a 'serious' note! :P

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