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By Rahul Jha

Took a long time coming, blogging after a long long time. Time has whizzed past real fast since the last post. So, I thought real hard about the title of this post, and what I am going to write about. I couldn’t come up with anything concrete. After all, this is my first blog as a fully certified Mechanical Engineer… But this one piece of paper which says, “Passed with 1st Class” took away all my comforts, my leisure and God knows what…
2nd June, 2009: I wake up to the comfort of an Air-conditioned room. Got bed tea served by my loving mother at 12:30. I’m then served awesome Sandwiches, specially grilled, extra cheese. Lunch is at 4. The food is way too good to describe. Evening would be time for Iced-Tea. Some snacks, and then most fulfilling of all, the dinner. And everything is always complimented with the choicest of beverages (non-alcoholic of course), to wash the food down the throat.
Life is so good! Right? Wrong.
Flashback: I usually used to wake up at 12:30 to 1 in the afternoon, back in college. No AC, no bed tea, no loving Mommy to greet me. And top that, Mr. Hangover is gyrating inside my head. My whole body feels like a car wreck. I somehow manage to get up, there is an sms from my darling girlfriend: “brunch?” My reply is “Meet at jhoops at 1”.
So, 1 it is. Heavily spiced up food that burn the inner linings of my stomach, and excessive Vanaspati Oil (the type that threaten to induce high blood pressure), are the high points of my day. Of course there is nimbu-pani or ganne ka ras to kill Mr. Hangover. And by the time the last morsel of food is devoured, the last lecture class would also come to an end. “Oh, not again”, I think to myself, not forgetting to repeat the same line day after day. And this finally leads to a situation where every time I attend a class, my attendance percentage increases two folds. Fun, eh? No. Because the Professor wants to meet my father, for my low attendance. Why penalize my poor “Papa” for my sins?
Anyways, back to jhoops. My girlfriend and I part ways. But there the meeting leaves us with a “burning sensation”. Sensation is due to the food though.
I go back to my room, excited to watch the latest episode of “How I Met your Mother”. Then, I discuss it with Venky, Sam, Tanmay… And watch again, this time with them. Then, when everyone leaves the room, I lock the door. Everyone needs a bit of secrecy in the afternoon in the boy’s hostel (donno about the girls though). I’m serious. All doors are usually locked. I donno what everyone’s upto. But after I’ve also done the same, I secretly watch WWE. It’s awesome, some dude called Lincon always had the latest episodes on DC++. However, I don’t discuss this with too many people, except for Avishek, who is also a Wrestling fan.
By this time, everyone is almost relieved of their afternoon duties. It’s also dark by now, and we are out hunting for food, like wild animals on the Discovery channels. Herds of people usually wind up at Techno, and satisfy their appetite with junk food. Rotten hot dogs and burgers. Wow!
The evenings are all mushy. Lovey-dovey time. But by 10, all the girls must be back to their hostels, and the guys must STRICTLY report to Surabhi. Surabhi is where the food is sometimes served hot, and sometimes not. Anyways, who cares, as long as we have each other’s company, and (–OH) group in the liquid that occupies our glasses. Then we return to our hostels, cart wheeling on our way. I don’t know what happens during our return journey, but the rest of the World spins to be spinning, and finally there is a big power cut, and everything’s black. Next thing I know, it’s 12:30 in the afternoon again…
Present day: Most of us got good job offers, some with overwhelming salaries, some with great potential, etc... And right now, we are anxious about our joining, but the best joining letter I ever got was the one that said, “Report on 5th August, 2005”, a CTC that included Friends for life, and an experience that would probably dwarf anything else in life. And somebody talked about “Making Life Larger”….

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  1. stuntman mike June 20, 2009 at 9:33 AM
    dude .. what about doing a double
  2. Rahul Jha June 20, 2009 at 9:52 AM
    I'm up for it. Don't I'll be able to even go through AIEEE this time. Private college? Nah....
  3. insanevisitationsofacrazymind September 17, 2009 at 9:19 PM
    excellent post.....jua.........
  4. Speck o' a twinkling star October 13, 2009 at 11:58 PM
    Awesome post!!...nostalgic yaar...miss da days.

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