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Ch 6: The End of an Year

By Rahul Jha

Finally I come back to my story. The end of first year.
We have a habit of reminiscing after the end of anything. And so am I.
The ragging period devoured most of our times. Thus, rendering us absolutely useless for anything else. The end of it only made me lazier. Now, I’d just sit back and relax. I hadn’t explored anything in college, didn’t know many people of my own batch and neither did I know any of the Profs.
However, we did have some great moments in the first year. I did manage a few selected friends, who are best of my friends now.
My roommates and I shared understanding, and my neighbors were extra special too.
Sammy and I shared our love for Sachin Tendulkar, Home and distaste for ragging. Shibbu, from UP, was my bhai, according to the age old “UP-Bihar bhai bhai” theory. Ganesh was very nice fellow, extra-nice sportsman and someone who always repeated back any slang you threw at him. All in all, only Shibbu fully utilized room no. 102, as rest of us were mostly at home.
Our neighbors, Abhijit (Paanu Man) was awesomely annoying. He is the only person I’ve hit in the whole of my college life. (Sorry for that!). But in him I found an honest and carefree person, and we did just fine.
Swagata (officer) was the nicest person that the land of Haldia ever produced. His immaculate sense of dressing and use of the English language is hugely responsible for his nickname.
Intro (Deb Deep Das) was not really a friend to anyone. He was irritating. To everyone around him. But he had this out-of –the-world sense of humor, which appeared at times of immense pressure.
And last but by no means the least, Jyotibrata Haldar (Jyoti). He was roll no. 25, and I was 26. Together we had slain many examination papers, together conquering dizzy heights. Yup, we copied like anything and mastered the art of cheating, which was to help us immensely in our future. With Jyoti, I travelled the “full circle”.
Well, there were other friends as well. And about them I’ll mention later.
Some experiences were a taste of things to come. The countless “power-cut” moments, and the addas on the terrace. In fact, there was a power cut throughout the night prior to our Computer exam (the last exam of 1st year). We stayed awake all night, didn’t study at all, and went to night jhoops, and nearly slept through the paper.
I had also developed a mechanism to calculate CPGA, which worked for almost everyone, except yours truly. However, my marks in the 2nd semester is the highest I have managed so far!
So, hall 9 was a small tiny trailer of things to come. The seniors would say, “At NIT, expect the unexpected”. The Journey began…

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